Are millennials interested in legal content? Creating a professional profile on Snapchat

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Millennials or not, everyone wants to know the rules of the game

Let’s start by the beginning, what is a millennial? According to Wikipedia, millennials are the members of the so called Generation Y. That means boys and girls that were born starting in 1982. However, some people extend that date until the year 2000.

So, although I barely pass, I’m a millennial. :p

The concept “millennial” was cooked by William Strauss and Neil Howe when talking about the children born in 1982 and that would go to college with the beginning of the new millennium. In fact, William and Neil published a book called “Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation”  in 2000.

And that’s how the term was born.

What are the traits of a millennial? Generally speaking: a) they are part of the most educated and culturally diverse generation that the world has ever known; b) millennials are politically liberals; c) they experiment some kind of Peter Pan syndrome, so they delay their incorporation to the “adult” world; d) millennials aren’t very religious and; e) they use technology extensively (to the point of being considered “digital natives” almost by default).

Finally, the most important fact. From 2020 and beyond, and just in the USA, millennials will represent more than half of the job market.

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The Legal LAB from Términos y Condiciones launches “Converses Tyc” in Balearic Islands

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Converses TyC: fostering the promotion of legal tech content in Balearic Islands

Nowadays is key to promote legal knowledge in the hyper-digitalized society that we live in. After all, to know the rules of the game is always important.

To share that knowledge beyond the places and venues that usually talk about legal content, and to do it in plain English, is basic too.

Finally, to know the companies and people that work and study new technologies around you, is a necessity.

With this concept in mind, “Converses TyC” is born from the Legal LAB of Términos y Condiciones. The idea is to organize a series of face-to-face events around Balearic Islands to talk about technology and its laws. On one hand the people that work and manage the tech. On the other hand, the people that study and apply the norms.

The purpose is to go beyond Majorca (this is a long term project, so we are not in a hurry). We don’t want to focus on a specific place (there is life beyond Palma). It won’t have a fixed calendar (maybe 6 events per year). It will be free and open to everyone interested (without the need for inscription, whenever that’s possible). Finally, promoting the digital aspects of it (for example, through streaming or shorts videos of the presentations).

Now that the introduction is done, we’ll start “Converses TyC” on July 1st, Friday, in relation to 3D printing, in Manacor and with 3DSOS.

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Let’s experiment! Terms and Conditions opens a Legal LAB

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We are making an announcement, today. Well, more than one in fact


On the one hand, Terms and Conditions now has an official logo. Hopefully for a long time. :-)


On the other hand, and the important update in fact, we are opening a Legal LAB.

Why a Legal LAB?

First of all, let’s start explaining the idea behind a Legal LAB.

The feeling is that the legal world is not very pro innovation, to the point that sometimes it even avoids the advances that technology can bring to the table (as an example, an article about why the lawyers still don’t trust the email – in Spanish -).

However, it’s obvious that in the legal sector plenty of innovation can happen. In fact, it is essential that it does. Because as in any field or sector, you adapt or die. And truth be told, if that innovation does not come from within, sooner or later will come from the outside and then the change could be more extreme.

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