The Legal LAB from Términos y Condiciones launches «Converses Tyc» in Balearic Islands

  • junio 16, 2016
  • Jorge Morell Ramos

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Converses TyC: fostering the promotion of legal tech content in Balearic Islands

Nowadays is key to promote legal knowledge in the hyper-digitalized society that we live in. After all, to know the rules of the game is always important.

To share that knowledge beyond the places and venues that usually talk about legal content, and to do it in plain English, is basic too.

Finally, to know the companies and people that work and study new technologies around you, is a necessity.

With this concept in mind, «Converses TyC» is born from the Legal LAB of Términos y Condiciones. The idea is to organize a series of face-to-face events around Balearic Islands to talk about technology and its laws. On one hand the people that work and manage the tech. On the other hand, the people that study and apply the norms.

The purpose is to go beyond Majorca (this is a long term project, so we are not in a hurry). We don’t want to focus on a specific place (there is life beyond Palma). It won’t have a fixed calendar (maybe 6 events per year). It will be free and open to everyone interested (without the need for inscription, whenever that’s possible). Finally, promoting the digital aspects of it (for example, through streaming or shorts videos of the presentations).

Now that the introduction is done, we’ll start «Converses TyC» on July 1st, Friday, in relation to 3D printing, in Manacor and with 3DSOS.


We’ll start at 18:30 with Andreu Pascual Canaves, industrial and technical engineer, owner of His passion is digital design and prototyping. He’s been working for the last three years in the world of 3D printing, initially as a hobbyist, now as a professional. Andreu will talk about the use of the technology on a domestic level or how to prepare a digital archive for 3D printing.

In my case, Jorge Morell Ramos, I’ll join Andreu to speak about some of the legal aspects that must be taken into consideration in relation to 3D printing. For example, what if I decide to setup a 3D printer on my business, a stationery. Could I attend any request from my clients?

Then we will have some time for questions and discussion.

Therefore, «Converses Tyc» starts on Friday, July 1st, from 18:30 to 20:00, in Wohaby Manacor.

Hope to see you there! 🙂