Let’s experiment! Terms and Conditions opens a Legal LAB

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We are making an announcement, today. Well, more than one in fact


On the one hand, Terms and Conditions now has an official logo. Hopefully for a long time. :-)


On the other hand, and the important update in fact, we are opening a Legal LAB.

Why a Legal LAB?

First of all, let’s start explaining the idea behind a Legal LAB.

The feeling is that the legal world is not very pro innovation, to the point that sometimes it even avoids the advances that technology can bring to the table (as an example, an article about why the lawyers still don’t trust the email – in Spanish -).

However, it’s obvious that in the legal sector plenty of innovation can happen. In fact, it is essential that it does. Because as in any field or sector, you adapt or die. And truth be told, if that innovation does not come from within, sooner or later will come from the outside and then the change could be more extreme.

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