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Legaltech in Spain? Let’s start by the beginning

According to Richard Susskind in “The Future of the Professions: How Technology Will Transform the Work of Human Experts” (he is one of the most important gurus about legal innovation in the world), when people have to face a problem, they try to avoid it or contain it before looking for a solution.

Historically, the legal sector has not been very innovative. If truth be told, it didn’t have to be because just a few had access to its pool of knowledge. That reduced competition and made things easier to control. In addition, the legal sector has always been very cautious, avoiding experimentation and waiting for change when almost everyone has already adopted it. Besides, we are talking about an area of expertise with a big focus on the past, the precedent. So, looking forward to the future has never been the usual way to go for the legal sector.

However, that stagnation has become a problem at the end of the day. Obviously, the world around the legal sector did not stop. First of all, the Internet opened up the access to the legal knowledge beyond the usual parties. Furthermore, half of the world is carrying daily a pocket computer known as smartphone. Something that has changed the requirements and requests from consumers.

The answer from the legal sector in the face of this problem has usually been lukewarm. Nevertheless, in the last 5 years something has definitively changed and a new attitude can be observed when talking about this issue. The general idea being that this is something that cannot be avoided or contained anymore.

Then you have those who see the problem as an opportunity to find a solution for the times we are living. And this is where we would say that Legaltech or Legal Technology has been born.

But, what is legaltech? Although there isn’t an official definition and the concept has been evolving the last 5 years, nowadays legatech refers to the use of technology to provide legal services. But not something along the lines of “I use email and send some WhatsAppss”. No, today legaltech can be understood as the use of technology on legal services to provide:

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