4th Anniversary – Now with a widget for the terms and conditions changes

  • marzo 27, 2016
  • Jorge Morell Ramos

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4 years ago I started writing Terms and Conditions. Time goes by and the life events that come with it even more…

If truth be told, this have been quite a trip so far. Thanks to Terms and Conditions I’ve had the chance to meet some very interesting people, to access to some good professional offers, to reach out to mass media that sounded too good to be true and even to contact with institutions that seemed unattainable. Any bad things? Yeah, sure. In any case, I’ve learnt from them the same or even more than from the good ones. So, nothing to complain about.

All in all, and even taking into account everything that has been done so far, I still think that this is just starting. There is still a long way to go. In fact, I have the feeling that this 5th year is going to be specially intense. 😉

But let’s check what we have in store for today, we are debuting the widget for the Tracker of Terms and Conditions! Developed by the great Alberto de Rodrigo.

What is a widget?

It is a small program that allows the user to access something that he or she uses frequently, and that can embedded on a website.


In the case of the widget of the Tracker of Terms and Conditions, it is a small application that allows you to embed on a website the most recent changes tracked globally, the ones from a specific service or even more.

How could I use it?

Some ideas:

  • If you want to inform about the most recent changes in terms and conditions from your website, the widget can we useful.
  • If your website is for example about Apple and you want to: 1) monitor all its terms and conditions, 2) check when do they change and 3) show that info to your users, the widget can be useful.
  • If you want to write a post about general conditions of the agreements used by the online gambling sites and you want to show how many terms are applicable to its users all at once, the widget can be useful.
How do I generate it?
  • Click here.
  • Choose if you want to show the changes/texts from all the services o just from one
  • Choose which kind of changes do you want to show (or/and the latest added texts).
  • Choose just the Spanish or English texts (or all of them)
  • Choose how many results should the widget show
  • Generate the code and Copy/Paste it on your website or post

All in all, a small step for Terms and Conditions. But this game has always been about this, to advance step by step. And this won’t be the last one.

Happy Sunday!