13 detalles sobre la privacidad de Miitomo

Miitomo y su privacidad

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Nintendo hizo historia ayer estrenando el que es su primer juego para dispositivo móvil, Miitomo.

Una nueva andadura para el gigante japonés de los videojuegos en una categoría que casi inventaron, los videojuegos portátiles, pero que debido a los smartphones había comenzado a convertirse en su mayor amenaza.

Miitomo es un juego/app gratuito, aunque con micropagos, que permite crear un avatar (un Mii) con el que se puede jugar, cambiar de ropa o hacer fotos, a la vez que permite comunicarse con los Miis de nuestros amigos. La particularidad es que el Mii pregunta al usuario algo, éste le responde y el Mii comparte esa respuesta con los Miis de sus amigos. Por tanto la app es un poco videojuego, red social y sistema de mensajería.

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13 details about the privacy of Miitomo

Miitomo y su privacidad

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The first game from Nintendo for mobile

Yesterday Nintendo made history with the worldwide release of its first game for mobiles devices, Miitomo.

A new path for the Japanese company in a category that they almost invented, the portable video game console, but where the landscape has really changed with the appearance of smartphones.

Miitomo is a free game/app, although with micro payments, that allows the user to create an avatar (a Mii) than can be used to play mini games, change clothes, take pictures and communicate with the Miis of our friends. The distinctive feature here is that the Mii that I create will ask me something, I will respond to it and then that answer will be shared with the Miis of my friends. Therefore, the app is a mixed between a video game, a social network and messaging service.

As has already been said, although the app is free, you can buy new content such as clothes. How? Well, you buy this content using the virtual currency from the game. Those coins can be gained by playing mini games, answering questions from the Miis, commenting the answers of your friends or buying them with real money.

On the other hand, and being Nintendo a brand very much associated with children, is interesting to point out that you must be at least 13 years old to play Miitomo.

Therefore, being this the first game from Nintendo for smartphones, and with micro payments, it sounds like a good idea to take a closer look at its privacy.

Miitomo’s Privacy Policy can be found here. Also interesting is the quite long FAQ section for the app.

Let’s go with those 13 details!

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