Terms and Conditions

The Legal LAB of Términos y Condiciones is where Law, Technology and Humanities crossroads.

The idea is to build a place where legal world and people, institutions or companies external to the sector can meet and collaborate developing legal tech, communicating legal knowledge or teaching legal content outside the usual venues. That’s why the Legal LAB is open to collaboration.

The starting point for a project or an experiment is usually the fact of discovering a legal problem and trying to fix it with an approach that goes beyond the legal field and its usual way of doing things. You can read more about it here.

The first fruit of the Legal LAB was presented in October 20th of 2015, with the new version of the Tracker of Terms and Conditions. You can read more about here. The starting point for that was: Can we control how and when do the terms and conditions change? And that’s how everything started…

During 2016 we hope to show you a few other experiments and projects. :-)

Some other projects born in the Legal LAB in the last couple of years: